Tuesday, April 5, 2011


So today I am super duper busy. Laid out another 8 designs. I now have approximately 16 to 18 items to sew. This will keep me busy for a little while. I have a show on May 7th so I am excited to be making new items and preparing for new customers!! I am also listing clothing for sale (not drddesigns) on ebay. I plan to go on craigslist as well with both my ebay items and some drd designs. Who knows where your customer base will come from? Networking is HUGE!! Here are some of my most recent layout of designs. Tonight I will get back to business and begin to sew, sew sew....so so much to do!! Thanks for following. Please remember if you are looking for a special one of a kind gift...custom orders are my favorite to make!!! to find me on etsy go to the link on my blog or drddesigns on etsy. on ebay however I am TimsGirl1963. Happy blogging and shopping to all. Hug one another!!

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  1. Best wishes on your show. This is a wonderful way to honor your son. I use to embroidery on my jeans as a high school student and now I embroidery for my grand kids. Jeans will never go out of style will they?
    Have a great TGIF and I hope you get lots of followers and quality comments on your post.
    I'm following you!