Friday, February 25, 2011

WINTER BREAK OH YEAH and a new venue for the JEANS

So I did bring a few things with me to work on while I am away for 2 nights to try and relax a little....its not really working but the hot tub feels great on my back!  I will be posting new items on either Saturday or Sunday. In the meantime check my items on facebook at D R D Designs aka Dillon R. Dziedzic Designs. There you can just view the items without having to read the blog if you don't have time.  I went to an awesome store in Glenville, New York today called LaModaLisa....what a truly AWESOME place. Where Fashion meets Art for sure. They are having a contest that I entered to design a tuxedo using paint or embellishing or whatever you come up with. I am excited about this venture and hope some real creativity strikes. I have until March 31st to complete it. I will post pics of it for sure.  Until then one more night to try and enjoy some family time. Things will never be the same but we must try.

Monday, February 21, 2011


So I am back to creating and designed these capris for my own. Plan to wear them at the craft fair. I mean after all I believe one should wear and promote their own design!! So here they are. I also finished another pair with skulls on them. They look so much better in person and when I use the camera not the cell phone. I really have to get out and get some batteries for my camera!!

Just a reminder: I will take orders for customized jeans, jean purses, jean jackets....even for children (disney or cartoon or other themes). And as always...comments are welcome!!! Enjoy President's Day all who have it off. Happy Blogging!!

capris made for ME!! finally my own pair

who likes skulls??

Saturday, February 19, 2011

The Inspiration behind the Jeans...Meet my son, Dillon and his jeans

The jeans he designed and loved. This pic taken under a bridge

Taken in NYC...he loved that place


I have been very "life" busy and have not been able to design in the past couple of days. I have four pairs of jeans laid out to stitch and will get started on that tomorrow. In any event I did embellish a blanket simply with a peace sign and also a girls cap. They are cute. I also finished the black and lace skirt. I did put a scarf trim on a pocketbook but did not like the way it looked so I ripped out an hour and a half worth of sewing...oh well stitch happens. My youngest daughter (of 3) has started her own hobby/craft of making clothespin dolls...look how cute they are:

peace blanket

clothespin dolls created by my 11 year old daughter Brooke
More soon and don't forget...suggestions are welcome!!! Thanks for following...

Wednesday, February 16, 2011


As promised last night check out the tag for the jeans that I came up with last minute since my business cards have not yet come..they are due here on Friday. So last night was it's own adventure and my guardian angel helped me and his sisters to get safely to a warm secure place where we awaited AAA. So anyway tonight I went to group (bereavement counseling) and at the end of the evening we each pick an angel...mine was the angel of adventure...kind of appropriate considering last night and further considering the adventure I hope becomes part of my journey with the Memory Jeans.  Here are also some more great materials I got for so so cheap at the Salvation Army store..aka Sally Ann's. In addition some works in progress: a white jean skirt and three pair of jeans. Good old IRS..had to apply for a Certificate of Authority to collect sales tax today...please...for a craft fair. God forbid somebody gets a piece of their own pie without intervention from some governmental authority......whatever!!!!!!!!!

More great bargains from Salvation Army store
white jean skirt work in progress

three pair of in progress

Tag for jeans (still awaiting business cards)


So this is awesome news. DRDDesigns are now being sold in Oneonta, New York, the perfect college town. The store: Shakedown Street, 177 Main Street, Oneonta, New York. Met a little boy there today name Marley and thought it was way cool that my son is Dillon and her son is Marley...that is cool!! So a dream is evolving and moving toward a reality...there really is no expectation here just feels good to know that my son's designs are beginning to get out into the world. You cannot imagine how good that feels to me. At the last minute I had to come up with a tag for the jeans..will post it in the morning. Had to break down with the car on the way home and just got home at 2:30ish so pretty tired...not taking time to upload emailed pics from my phone. These items are so much more beautiful in person. Well hey. long day...tired. Night all. Thanks for following. More tomorrow. Peace!!

Monday, February 14, 2011


Hi All. Hope you are having a nice day on this Valentine's Day. I took my 21 year old daughter, Adriana to get her wisdom teeth pulled today. I have been her caretaker since returning home however I did manage to make this skirt while she was under the knife!  Just adorable and can be paired with leggings. More items will post hopefully by tomorrow and if not by Wednesday definitely!!


It's now midnight but creating is really passionate. It is hard to stop to go to bed even. I did finish the shorts finally making the peace sign look tye dyed like the rest of the shorts....honestly total error...ran out of the blueish green thread so decided to go with it and do the tye dye thing. I think they came out great!! Posted them on facebook and whala nice.  So before tucking myself in I will post the final pics of the white shorts and a pair of men's jeans that are a work in progress but should be done in about one hour tomorrow morning....I am hopeful!! I have laid out materials for a white jean skirt.....spring is in the air. Love that Groundhog this year!! More jeans to come soon and hopefully a jacket. Must take inventory for sizes and lay out some jeans for pics for orders. I really am enjoying this..thankfully..the distraction is good.

these jeans are a work in progress

Sunday, February 13, 2011


I noticed some of the pics I attempted to post earlier today did not post so here I go again to try and get them on here. Some of these items are works in me. Like these white shorts...I really struggled with a pattern for them from this purple and black to then black and white and finally they are almost finished and they are orange and blue themed. It's the creative mind set and the mood that shapes these designs. I also made a pair of Kiss capris. Most people are familiar with the group Kiss. Kiss is the last show (aka concert) my son attended. He loved of his favorite things to do. Music soothed his soul. A number of my items are embellised with a music note or G cleft in addition to the Peace sign on all items representing the musical talent (guitar, keyboard, harmonica) my son was blessed with and his love of music in general.


So you have probably noticed that my jeans all have a familiar theme. I have always been in love with love or so that is what my mom told me but anyway I still am. I don't think a person can ever love too much or give too much to those they love. As you know each item has a peace sign, recent items have displayed a heart as well. Trying to feel good in the midst of the worst grief life can bring is truly a daily task. The jeans are my hope to get them out into the world and to have my son in the thoughts of many people..people who read the blog, people who see the jeans, people who buy the jeans. Rock and Roll...the Kiss jeans are my first in the music line..more to come like Beatles etc. First craft fair March 12th Johnstown, New York High School!! I am excited but have no real expectations....I make the jeans more for comfort than anything else. So here are a few finished items and more works are, of course, in progress.

Thursday, February 10, 2011


I have now decided to lay out some patterns and take photos and put them in an album so that way people can order the jeans if they would like. It would work like this.... I will take the album to craft shows with about ten sample styles in them. Once somebody asks to order a pair I will get their size and then remove the photo from the book. I will then make the jeans in that size. Let me remind everyone I will only make one pair of each design. I will post them on the blog and perhaps on When you wear an item made by DRD Designs you will have a unique one of a kind item. Nobody will ever say "hey I have those same shorts (jeans, etc)."  So here are a few items that I have completed and some works in progress..check them out. PLEASE FEEL FREE TO LEAVE COMMENTS!!! Feedback is great, ideas are greater!! Peace. Love. Rock and Roll!!


So it's been a bit since I posted. Last week was a tough one for me...missing my son and feeling very down. I thought adding to my supplies may help me to feel somewhat better so I did some shopping...first Sally Ann's aka Salvation Army and got some guy jeans and a jean jacket, two pockets books, scarves, tee-shirts and even and old camoflague fishing hat. Materials and designs of all kinds. Total with half off many pink ticketed items $27.35. I then went to Alfred's Fabric's in the Kohl's shopping plaza and bought 2 books of material samples. Tons of book was $3.00 the other $4.00. Here are my great bargains!! After dinner I will post a finished pocketbook, a pair of jeans and two other works in progress.


Saturday, February 5, 2011

Do the Hippie Hippie Shake....oh yeah

I have been laid up for the past two days with a stomach bug of some type so not much progress was made. However, I did manage tonight to finish one of the three items currently being crafted. Great news....I have new items coming as well. Jean jacket by Guess and two pocket books. I can't believe how good it feels to craft these items with my own hands. It's like therapy and being connected to my son at the same time. This coming week the jeans should actually be available in a store!!! Once I actually have them in there I will let you all know where. Until then tomorrow I must get back on task and finish the jeans and jean shorts that are currently works in progress!!

Wednesday, February 2, 2011


So, I took today off from sewing. It was a snow day for my little one, Brooke who is 11 years old so we spent some "girl" time together. It amazes me how fast the day will pass when you are not at work or school but how it drags when you are. Anyway, I did manage to take some photographs of a few newly finished items. Wishful thinking for Spring to be in the air however check out the shorts and shirt.  Tomorrow, its back to the drawing creations!!!

Tuesday, February 1, 2011


Look at the LOVE in these jeans. Pretty in pink. So pretty even Cupid would fall for them.

So many supplies! Patches and buttons and more...

So far this week I have been to the clearance bin at Michael's where I got a whole bag of vintage buttons, various patches and some clearance jewelry items. I also picked up some amazing patches buy one get one free at JoAnn Fabrics and cut up some old clothing. In addition, I paid a visit to Plato's Closet where I bought jeans at 75% off making it possible for me to get 4 pairs of jeans for a total cost of $11.00. I spent a little additional money at Plato's on jewelry that can be taken apart and used to sew on, hang on or decorate my jeans in some creative way. Last but not least I also received some really cool material in the mail from my oldest daughter, Danielle with guitars on it. I have a little sewing center (as I call it) set up that is a nifty little sewing kit container and it is fabulous for organizing my needles, pins, buttons, decorative pins, thread, hook and eyes, etc.. Check out some of my materials and works in progress....

Every item I design is unique and the only one of its kind. Each one of my creations has one thing in common however...they are adorned with a peace sign of some type whether it be embroidered on, a patch or a peace sign made from some kind of material. Orders can be placed for certain sizes with a certain theme by contacting DRD Designs.