Monday, February 14, 2011


It's now midnight but creating is really passionate. It is hard to stop to go to bed even. I did finish the shorts finally making the peace sign look tye dyed like the rest of the shorts....honestly total error...ran out of the blueish green thread so decided to go with it and do the tye dye thing. I think they came out great!! Posted them on facebook and whala nice.  So before tucking myself in I will post the final pics of the white shorts and a pair of men's jeans that are a work in progress but should be done in about one hour tomorrow morning....I am hopeful!! I have laid out materials for a white jean skirt.....spring is in the air. Love that Groundhog this year!! More jeans to come soon and hopefully a jacket. Must take inventory for sizes and lay out some jeans for pics for orders. I really am enjoying this..thankfully..the distraction is good.

these jeans are a work in progress

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