Saturday, February 19, 2011


I have been very "life" busy and have not been able to design in the past couple of days. I have four pairs of jeans laid out to stitch and will get started on that tomorrow. In any event I did embellish a blanket simply with a peace sign and also a girls cap. They are cute. I also finished the black and lace skirt. I did put a scarf trim on a pocketbook but did not like the way it looked so I ripped out an hour and a half worth of sewing...oh well stitch happens. My youngest daughter (of 3) has started her own hobby/craft of making clothespin dolls...look how cute they are:

peace blanket

clothespin dolls created by my 11 year old daughter Brooke
More soon and don't forget...suggestions are welcome!!! Thanks for following...

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