Wednesday, February 16, 2011


As promised last night check out the tag for the jeans that I came up with last minute since my business cards have not yet come..they are due here on Friday. So last night was it's own adventure and my guardian angel helped me and his sisters to get safely to a warm secure place where we awaited AAA. So anyway tonight I went to group (bereavement counseling) and at the end of the evening we each pick an angel...mine was the angel of adventure...kind of appropriate considering last night and further considering the adventure I hope becomes part of my journey with the Memory Jeans.  Here are also some more great materials I got for so so cheap at the Salvation Army store..aka Sally Ann's. In addition some works in progress: a white jean skirt and three pair of jeans. Good old IRS..had to apply for a Certificate of Authority to collect sales tax today...please...for a craft fair. God forbid somebody gets a piece of their own pie without intervention from some governmental authority......whatever!!!!!!!!!

More great bargains from Salvation Army store
white jean skirt work in progress

three pair of in progress

Tag for jeans (still awaiting business cards)

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