Sunday, February 13, 2011


So you have probably noticed that my jeans all have a familiar theme. I have always been in love with love or so that is what my mom told me but anyway I still am. I don't think a person can ever love too much or give too much to those they love. As you know each item has a peace sign, recent items have displayed a heart as well. Trying to feel good in the midst of the worst grief life can bring is truly a daily task. The jeans are my hope to get them out into the world and to have my son in the thoughts of many people..people who read the blog, people who see the jeans, people who buy the jeans. Rock and Roll...the Kiss jeans are my first in the music line..more to come like Beatles etc. First craft fair March 12th Johnstown, New York High School!! I am excited but have no real expectations....I make the jeans more for comfort than anything else. So here are a few finished items and more works are, of course, in progress.

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  1. Jeans are looking great! I love the ones that say Peace on them!