Wednesday, November 2, 2011


Hey All, I hope after the length of time since my last post I still have some faithful followers!! I am feeling the best today that I have in probably a little more than a year. Every day of my life is surrounded by the sadness of losing my son. Well today I was interviewed by the Saratogian about my newly opened got it DRD Designs!! It is located at 20 Washington Street, Suite 2, Ballston Spa, New York.  Right now I am only open weekends but will be extending hours soon. The paper interviewed me over the phone and I told them all about my amazing son and him being the inspiration to the jean designs now known as DRD (as you recall these are his initials). So look for me in the paper this Friday, November 4th. This is also what's known as First Friday in Ballston Spa where there are events and celebrations and music and discounts and all the stores stay open late. Come check it out you local people and the rest of you can check out my store website..its not fully finished but its a start..learn as you go type of thing..  Hugs to all. Peace Love and Rock n Roll folks!!

Monday, September 19, 2011


Hey All, Hope all you who view are well. The summer is coming to a close (ok, maybe it has closed but I am trying to think positive...not easy these days). I am making some really great things for winter but am continuing to make skirts as we ladies know we wear them year round and can always put on leggings or stockings or tights!! FASHION WITH PASSION I say!! My Art from the Heart may be renting space and opening a small boutique!! I really hope so. I feel that if it is meant to be it will happen. In the meantime I am busy planning and getting all my ducks in a row..all my designs in a row? No time to post pics at present but will post new designs and new layouts soon.  I will return to keep you posted on this heart warming endeavor. Only TIME will tell. Smiles to hide the pain.  Hugs to heal it. Until next time.. via con dios

Thursday, August 25, 2011


This Saturday the Johnstown Music and Arts Festival located at 1 Prindle Court, Johnstown, New York. Come and check out the new designs by DRD Designs. Many new items available for Back to School. Get a FREE pin with any purchase! Free raffle with any purchase to win pocketbook of the week!! So many fun items for all ages from infants to adults. Custom orders are always welcome. Give me a pair of your own favorite jeans and let me jazz them up!! Hope to see all my followers there!!

Thursday, August 18, 2011


With all the summer clearance and the BACK TO SCHOOL specials DRD Designs had much success at the Chicks Along the Canal event. Was heartwarming to see how many people were touched by the life of my son without even having met him. He continues to shine!! I will always keep him in my life in as many ways as possible. I sold over 17 items this week. 17 of my original unique DRD designs and some accessories including an awesome purse and some peace sign pendants..what else would they be?? So back to sewing to replenish my inventory for the upcoming show on August 27th!! This show is at the Shirley Luck Senior Center in Johnstown, New York.  Shorts will be on clearance as the summer is drawing to a close. Lots of great back to school items for those with unique taste!! Come and check it out!

Sunday, July 31, 2011


Well, I am back and I am not sure how I am feeling really. I saw so many amazing things and experienced so many different things that I am still in a bit of a whirlwind. Life seems a little dull now that it has slowed down but at the same time I need the rest. I am sad to return to reality and the loss of my son tears me up inside every day. I am not sure how or where to begin to pick up the pieces of what is left of my life. I will try. I have to. I have 3 awesome daughters and a lot of life left to live or to try to live. Some days it seems impossible and other days are bearable. I have only figured out that the only thing I can do for certain right now is to take one day at a time. That is my life at present.  I am looking for more craft shows and stores and ways to get my designs out there!! open to any suggestions whatsoever!! Next show is in Little Falls on August 13th and 14th. Hope to make some sales!! Love to all who follow. More soon.

Monday, June 27, 2011


So in 3 days I get in the in the sun along the way. I hope to do some soul searching and healing. I hope to come back a little different than who I am now but only "Time" will tell. I emphasize time like that because I have a tattoo of the word "Time" matches the one on my son's shoulder...there's a story of course.. there always is. Everybody has some in this thing we call LIFE. He got the tattoo and when I asked him what time was he said "Time is everything Mom, what do you mean?" I wonder if he knew just how right he was. Our Time together was much too short but I still feel blessed for having had him as my only son. I am now following a dream I have to sell his designs on his favorite beach..Venice. I got a permit from the State of California. Thank you Cali!! and am scheduled to arrive there on the 11th. Whatever happens, however it goes, this is the last place we went on vacation together. I miss him terribly and it will feel good I believe to visit the places we went together and to reminicse the good times we had there.  I will post my selling experience for sure!! Thanks for following all. Thanks for the LOVE!!
All you need is love...da da da da  

Tuesday, June 14, 2011


In a rush so just a quick post for now. Will supplement later and add photos. I had a great show and sold a good number of my designs. I am delighted. It is really catching on..."cool" that is! People love "cool." So I have 40 more designs to do before the show on the 24th because after that I am on the road on June 30th to travel cross country and to sell my jeans on Venice Beach in California!! My son's favorite vacation location. I will get to see a free concert of the Bangles on the Santa Monica Pier too!!!!!!!!! I cannot wait to get out of here.

More soon...thanks for your dedication in following my blog. Much love...

Thursday, June 2, 2011


Many new items are being hand designed this week and next for addition to the already great items made for the upcoming sale next Saturday, June 11th in Richfield Springs. I am making a little mini vacation out of it. Going up the night before....going out with a fellow seamstress who has fabulous shirts and scarfs etc to go with my bottoms!! RoseMari Brand..find her on facebook and she has a blog too!! So much love goes into these items...they are all unique and one of a kind. Orders can be placed to custom design..anything you want from Disney to military to goth to woodstock, favorite bands, causes (ie breast cancer, autism,) you come up with it and I will design it!! So get your COOL on and honor a memory at the same time. DRD Designs will also donate items for causes so let me know if you have something coming up. Thank you for following the blog. Enjoy the fresh air, sounds, sights and smells of summer weather. Be thankful for the little things.

Monday, May 30, 2011


Well, it was a weekend of reuniting with cousins and meeting new cousins after 20 plus years for some of us at my Grandmother's 100th birthday celebration. Life is ironic and painful. To think my son lived only 24 years and my grandmother has lived an amazing 100! Wow, it boggles the mind. She is the DNA that made all who is now the "family" I made the most of my weekend as I enjoyed the company of long lost relatives who have fallen on the wayside since the passing of my father 22 years ago...things happen. Life gets in the way of life sometimes. I got some jeans from my cousin who lives in Tupper Lake to make her a pair of Memory jeans!! She gave me a couple patches she would like on them and told me to "do whatever you want" to them. So... here is the latest item made for my neice who is 24..she and my son were only 1 month and a few days apart in age. She is going to Tennessee to attend a 4 day music festival and campout!! Yay what fun. The photo is of the skirt I made her. The heart made from a piece of my son's jeans. I have a couple items (one pair of jeans that he had cut off, a pair of shorts, a tee shirt and a tank top) of which I cut small pieces to add to jeans made for family members only. So the weekend if over, the celebration of a long lived life, the reunion of long lost cousins and its back to reality (which sucks) but also back to work on my jeans which is my sanity. Soon I will be packing the car full of jeans and headed to Venice Beach!! Next show is June 11th then June 24th and then who knows what day I will be on Venice Beach but I will be keeping you followers posted!!! Thankyou all for being a part of DRD Designs and for helping to keep my son's memory alive in the hearts of all who love him.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011


Hey All, Just a quick update..the May 21st show was a success. I was very pleased with my sales especially when the event was not high in attendance. I sold 8 DRD Design Jeans and 2 pocketbooks along with some little odds and ends. Thanks to all who purchased and thank you to all who follow the blog.

Keeping my son's memory alive is more important to me than anything else!!

Here he is on a billboard!! LOL
Rock on Dillon. I love you!!

Tuesday, May 17, 2011


So here are some of the latest in DRD Design fashions. Also my store has been updated and new listings have been posted. DRD DESIGNS IS GOING ON THE ROAD!! Leaving on June 30th. We are driving cross country with our destination..Venice Beach, California.... DRD's (my son) favorite place! In the meantime, if you don't see a size or style you want just send me an email chances are I have your size it's just not listed but in my bin for the upcoming shows!! Next one is May 21st!! Colonie Reformed Church on Sandcreek Road at the corner of Watervliet Shaker. Some new adult items too not shown above. Busy Busy sewing...hard to update this very often but I am trying so please keep following!!! Love to All who come here.

Sunday, April 24, 2011


Many new designs in the making..all different shapes, sizes and styles. Custom orders are welcome..choose your theme and your colors..disney, goth, biker, bands..if you can think of it I can design it!! New photos on will be uploaded today!!

You will notice the new feature on my home page which indicates the shows I have coming up and the locations/dates/times available. Each will be updated with new info periodically. You can also feel free to email me with any questions. I have 5 shows currently lined up. Keeping busy is essential to my sanity. The past week has been an very hard one. I miss my son terribly and with his 6 month anniversary just passing days before yet another holiday without him is tearing me apart. So tomorrow..back to sewing..having our Easter dinner soon so will post the pics of new items created for the upcoming shows later on today. Please stop back!!! ALSO, visit my facebook Artist page D R D Designs aka Dillon R. Dziedzic Designs and LIKE the page for me!!! Thank you all. Happy Easter to you and yours. Happy Blogging too!

Saturday, April 23, 2011

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DRD Designs was created to honor the memory of Laurie’s son, Dillon R. Dziedzic. The idea originated with her son who was saving his favorite pair of jeans by patching them all by hand sewing them with various items. A short time after Dillon’s passing on October 24, 2010 at only the age of 24, Laurie began creating jeans for loved ones and as then evolved into DRD Designs.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011


Hi all, hope you are well. I see I am getting new followers...warms the heart. Please check my artist page on facebook  D R D Designs aka Dillon R. Dziedzic Designs and LIKE the page for me. It will get me more publicity. I am hoping someday somebody will actually order I have been pleased with the outcome of the craft shows and feel at this point that is the way for me to go. Spring is in the air...under that rain and I will have a craft fair right here in my own yard soon. Garage Sale/Craft Fair...what the hey..nothing to lose. Craigs list will be my sales partner!! Ok all, I am off to bed to rest the fingers that must do all the sewing.

Hoping happy things for all. Much love. Hug one another. Happy blogging!!


Tuesday, April 5, 2011


So today I am super duper busy. Laid out another 8 designs. I now have approximately 16 to 18 items to sew. This will keep me busy for a little while. I have a show on May 7th so I am excited to be making new items and preparing for new customers!! I am also listing clothing for sale (not drddesigns) on ebay. I plan to go on craigslist as well with both my ebay items and some drd designs. Who knows where your customer base will come from? Networking is HUGE!! Here are some of my most recent layout of designs. Tonight I will get back to business and begin to sew, sew so much to do!! Thanks for following. Please remember if you are looking for a special one of a kind gift...custom orders are my favorite to make!!! to find me on etsy go to the link on my blog or drddesigns on etsy. on ebay however I am TimsGirl1963. Happy blogging and shopping to all. Hug one another!!

Friday, April 1, 2011


DRD Designs was created to honor the memory of my son, Dillon R. Dziedzic  The idea originated with my son. As you can see in my "About Me" section of this blog my amazingly talented and creative son was saving his favorite pair of jeans by patching them..all hand sewn. He used various items like a bandana, scrap cloth, and even a piece of mesh fence. A short time after his passing on October 24, 2010 at the age of 24 I began to make a pair of jeans for his girlfriend in memory of him. I put a lot of love into her "memory jeans" and made them similar to his including a poem about their creation. After that family members began requesting I make them a pair and friends as well. Creating has been my therapy and there is a continued connection to my son when I am doing so. Each design is its own unique style never to be reproduced. The only thing all my items have in common is they all bear a Peace sign in some form or fashion whether it be embroirdered, a patch, sewn on or on a button. Before I knew it people were telling me I should sell my creations. I used to tell my son his unique style was marketable...I am telling him again by showing him as he looks over me to see the designs I am creating in his memory. Most recently I have sold my designs at craft shows and yesterday put my designs in another store in Glenville, New York.. La Moda Lisa...very unique store where Art meets Fashion!! Check out her website as well to see my designs and more. Happy blogging all and happy shopping..check out my etsy store or email me for custom orders!! Have a wonderful weekend. Love to all.

Monday, March 28, 2011

SHOW WAS A SUCCESS I have a Happy heart!!

The show was fun, met new people, made some friends and networked which is very important as a crafter! Funny how you can run into people from 20 years ago and they still have that same face only some gray hair to go on top of their head now. Anyway, my heart was happy with the sale of 5 jean items and a number of odds and ends. I believe I sold a total of 12 items including a purse and 2 hats. I was pleased to say the least. My heart was happy because people out there are rockin my son's style and that means more to me than any dollar amount from the sale of the jeans. One girl said to me "these shorts are only $20.00?" I said "its more about the memory of my son and getting his style out there"  I think I am skipping April shows to be prepared for shows for 3 weeks in a row in May and one in June. I will post information as I get it. The first show is in Galway on May 7th at the Fire Department. My daughter Adriana, 21 years old made a brochure which I am attaching here. She did a great job!!! More soon as I am extremely busy...must get back to that tuxedo coat..due on Thursday...yikes..I feel like an attorney..wait until the last minute and then work under pressure!! It's all good. Thanks for visiting my blog...BECOME A FOLLOWER!!! Peace, Love and Rock n Roll

Tuesday, March 22, 2011


HI ALL. Hope you are well. Just a quick update to let you know I am so busy sewing that I probably won't be able to post new photos until the end of the week when I am ready for the craft show on Saturday and then I can relax. Adding new children's items and have made some really cool teen jeans too!! Trying to please everyone!! Suggestions are welcome. CUSTOM ORDERS can be placed here!! Also items available on my etsy. Happy shopping and blogging!! More soon.

Monday, March 21, 2011


WHO WEARS THE PANTS???? Here are two new kiddies ones I just made. Can't wait to get my godbaby here!!! So here they are. One pair is priced at $6.00 and the other at $8.00.  Mention something on my blog and get a discount on one item. The other scarf/blanket, skirt and money shorts are items previously displayed...just doing a rewind for those who may not have read the entire blog!! LIfe is busy and time consuming. I try to make things fairly simple for my followers!! Great thanks to my to all.

Sunday, March 20, 2011


So here are some new pics...crappy pics cuz I left my camera at a friends and this is the only time this week I will be able to post pics so old reliable but not so nice cell phone pics. The capris and the shorts are just laid out and not started yet. Works in progress. The hair ties aka bracelets look much better in person!! Two new pocketbooks to add to the show...very inexpensive $4.00 and $5.00.  Hair ties are $2.00 and same with hats that are a hat, visor and ponytail holder all in one!! And the paint splash peace sign top is going for $10.00.  More pics by week's end when I get the camera back!! Thanks for following.....