Monday, March 28, 2011

SHOW WAS A SUCCESS I have a Happy heart!!

The show was fun, met new people, made some friends and networked which is very important as a crafter! Funny how you can run into people from 20 years ago and they still have that same face only some gray hair to go on top of their head now. Anyway, my heart was happy with the sale of 5 jean items and a number of odds and ends. I believe I sold a total of 12 items including a purse and 2 hats. I was pleased to say the least. My heart was happy because people out there are rockin my son's style and that means more to me than any dollar amount from the sale of the jeans. One girl said to me "these shorts are only $20.00?" I said "its more about the memory of my son and getting his style out there"  I think I am skipping April shows to be prepared for shows for 3 weeks in a row in May and one in June. I will post information as I get it. The first show is in Galway on May 7th at the Fire Department. My daughter Adriana, 21 years old made a brochure which I am attaching here. She did a great job!!! More soon as I am extremely busy...must get back to that tuxedo coat..due on Thursday...yikes..I feel like an attorney..wait until the last minute and then work under pressure!! It's all good. Thanks for visiting my blog...BECOME A FOLLOWER!!! Peace, Love and Rock n Roll


  1. LOVE the brochure. What a great idea!

  2. Very cute! I'm following you from the TGIF blog hop. Please stop by and check out my blog at and I have a great weekend blog hop going on at - come join up!