Monday, March 14, 2011


So this being my first craft fair it was fun but also a learning experience. I see that networking is going to be a very important part of my business especially since my items are unique and really an exclusive clientele will be my customers. I have taken a break from sewing as I thought for sure my hands would fall off last week in preparation of the show. I have a list of more shows all over New York and as I get tidbits of information on them I will post them here and on my facebook. On facebook I have two that you can friend (drddesigns) and the other is an artist page.. D R D Designs aka Dillon R. Dziedzic Designs.  Doing all of this helps me feel connected to my son. I am really struggling to live a life without him physically in it. I know that he is with me, guiding me and giving me strength to try and get through each day. My life has completely changed and not for the better in any way. SEW SEW SEW I have to get back to my craft tomorrow. I have a tuxedo to design as part of a contest and to raise money for a charity of my choice.  More pictures will post tomorrow and I will do progression photos of the tux too. Enjoy and thanks for following....


  1. Hi, just wanted to take a minute to wish you lot of success in all of your endeavors and your designs of love! I pray that you continue to find the strength and motivation you deserve and that you find many gorgeous unexpected gifts along your way!

  2. i love craft shows
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  3. You're so great! Keep up all the hard work. Even though I never knew your son I KNOW he would have been so proud of his dedicated mother!