Monday, June 27, 2011


So in 3 days I get in the in the sun along the way. I hope to do some soul searching and healing. I hope to come back a little different than who I am now but only "Time" will tell. I emphasize time like that because I have a tattoo of the word "Time" matches the one on my son's shoulder...there's a story of course.. there always is. Everybody has some in this thing we call LIFE. He got the tattoo and when I asked him what time was he said "Time is everything Mom, what do you mean?" I wonder if he knew just how right he was. Our Time together was much too short but I still feel blessed for having had him as my only son. I am now following a dream I have to sell his designs on his favorite beach..Venice. I got a permit from the State of California. Thank you Cali!! and am scheduled to arrive there on the 11th. Whatever happens, however it goes, this is the last place we went on vacation together. I miss him terribly and it will feel good I believe to visit the places we went together and to reminicse the good times we had there.  I will post my selling experience for sure!! Thanks for following all. Thanks for the LOVE!!
All you need is love...da da da da  

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